Car Defender is a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom automotive floor mats. Designed to conform to the contours of your car, our products provide comprehensive protection, defending your car against the harshest of elements and the hustle and bustle of daily life. Rest assured, helping keep your car clean, comfortable, and looking new is our main objective.

Car Defender’s line of floor mat products are made of the highest quality materials to provide long lasting protection, style and comfort. Advanced 3D scanners are used to scan the footwell of your vehicle, allowing Car Defender to contour the mats for a perfect fit. With the floor and sides of the footwell safely protected, dirt and debris is contained and easily removed from your vehicle.

The 3D scan of your car is the first step in our state of the art manufacturing process optimized to ensure the highest production quality. A 2D rendering is programmed into our precision CNC cutting machine and specialized inverter sewing machines/welding equipment work to achieve the contoured floor mats for your car.

Our trained staff of employees, carefully carrying out each operation, work in unison to build the highest quality with our teams aim of the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our Story

A few years ago, we purchased a new luxury car and during our inital period of exuberance we noticed something was missing. The Mercedes designers paid attention to nearly every detail of the car from the streamlined cab design to the seats and the warm interior lighting. What the designers seem to miss is the car mats. The factory mats were standard plastic floor mats offering little protection and zero style. We could pay extra to the dealership to upgrade the car mats, but at best the upgrades were a simple monotonous black product. We were not happy with our choices. We love our car and want it to look its best and protect it! The approaching winter meant endless days of snow and mud entering the car’s interior and we realized we had little choice but to throw in some boring black mats offering marginal protection. But it was not a great option, again, we love our car and want to protect it, keep it clean, and make it beautiful.

We searched the internet for better options and found a small handful of international companies offering special car mats with varying degrees of protection and styles. The quality of these offerings was not great, lead times were very long, and shipping costs through the roof. When a set of these mats arrived, the mats were defective and we were expected to bear the return transportation costs to exchange the mats.

Frustrated by the lack of options from the car manufacture and less than ideal aftermarket choices, we decided to make our own mats. Car Defender was born!
We set out to develop a customized, high quality car mat that is contoured to the shape of the footwell in your car, made right here in Canada. We set out to offer customers elegant choices in a variety of colours. We set out to make it easy for customers to buy from us, in a short lead time, and stand behind our products.

Our team is proud to provide each Car Defender customer with our car mats.

That is our story, we hope you enjoy our products.