Black /Red – Luxury Car Mat


Black with Red Stitching

  • High Quality 12 mm Top Layer
  • Luxury Styling with Fitted Finish
  • All Weather
  • Reduce Road Noise
  • Protect your Vehicle Interior
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The material in Car Defender Mats:

Car Defender mats are constructed of five layers of different materials.

  • Surface layer – highly wear-resistant artificial leather that effectively reduces friction and helps prevent scratches. Comes in your choice of colours and styles
  • Foam sponge layer – increases comfort for your feet and enhances the appearance of the top leather surface
  • A layer of ultra- thin waterproof cloth provides a quality backing for the embroidery of the surface layer and the sponge. This layer helps ensure the integrity of the thread used in the mats.
  • A layer of cross linked polyethylene that plays critical role in helping the contoured mats hold their shape while adding sound insulation to your vehicle.
  • A bottom layer of anti-slip nylon burr mesh that plays a key role of fixing the mat to the floor of your car, preventing movement of the mats for increased stability and safety.

In contrast to the protection, material design and contoured shape of Car Defender, most standard car mats on the market use inferior PVC (or similar) materials and do not fit snugly to the contour of your vehicle.  The result for these products is inferior protection, limited choice of style and colour, and decreased foot comfort.  At Car Defender, our products have been carefully designed to overcome these shortcomings.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 86 × 66 × 13 cm


Stitching Color


Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Are the Car Defender mats wear resistant and scratch resistant?
A: Yes! Our special artificial leather includes a high-strength anti-wear agent to make the top layer more wear-resistant and reduce scratching from metal objects or the sometimes rough soles of shoes.

2 . Are the Car Defender mats easy to install myself?
A: Yes, we use advanced 3D scanning technology for each vehicle to carefully measure the exact contour of your car. The data from the scan is directly fed into our special laser cutting machine. The degree of error is very small and the resulting precision makes installation very easy.

3 . Do the Car Defender mats protect the car from snow and snow melting in winter ?
A: It plays a protective role. In addition to the anti-salt corrosion effect of the artificial leather on the surface, our car mats contain a special XPE material, which plays an important role in waterproofing the mats.

4 . Are the Car Defender mats resistant to corrosive liquids?
A: No. Gasoline and acid-base corrosive chemicals can damage the surface and should not be applied to the mats.

5 . Are the Car Defender mats easy to clean?
A: Very easy. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the car, then wipe the surface with a clean wet towel. Alternatively, remove the car mats and wash with water.

6 . Can the Car Defender mats be put into the washing machine for cleaning and drying?
A: No.